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We Offer Layaway!

Let us help you get that piece you love!
We offer no-hassle layaway because we believe everyone should be able to have something beautiful!
Whatever the reason may be that you can't pay in full, doesn't matter! For any item over $50, with just 25% down, you can place an item on layaway. We then hold that item until it's paid in full, and it's yours. Waiting to save up your cash is good too, except our pieces are one-of-a-kind and might be gone when you're ready.
Here are a few of the rules and terms of layaway at the Parlor:
1.) Item sales price must be over $50 before taxes.
2.) You must put down 25% of the total sales price (including taxes and fees) at the time of layaway.
3.) There is a $10 layaway charge per transaction. If you put multiple items on layaway at the same time, the charge is still $10. This is to cover additional processing charges and storage of the item.
4.) The item will be held for 60 days. You must make a payment prior to 30 days after initial purchase, with the full balance paid before 60 days after the initial purchase. Layaway period can be extended with permission from management at time of purchase.
5.) If the 30 day payment is missed or the balance is not paid before 60 days, the item will be returned to the sales floor and no refund will be given.

Contact us to learn more!

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